negative gearing

The truth about negative gearing

April 30, 2019Blog

I’m not sure there is a hotter topic in the property space than negative gearing at the moment. That’s because it could be one of the biggest issues that decides the upcoming Federal Election. Now, this blog is not a political one. I’m...


How to create equity in a slower market

December 31, 2018Blog

It’s true that the market is always ideal for someone, with the current market conditions optimal for upgraders but also for renovators who want to create equity.   A strategy that we often recommend is to buy, renovate and hold...

New tenancy laws a sign of the times

New tenancy laws a sign of the times

October 31, 2018Blog

The New South Wales Government’s Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018 was passed in October – some three years after the review of tenancy laws was first announced.   The changes certainly caused some heated discussions...

property advisor

How is your property advisor getting paid?

July 31, 2018Blog

No one likes to talk about how much money they’re making, do they? So how is your property advisor getting paid?   When it comes to someone giving you property advice, you must ask that tricky question. Why is that? Well, their...

off-market properties

How to buy off-market properties

May 31, 2018Blog

Off-market properties are often considered to be the pinnacle of property buying opportunities.   They are the properties that are not listed publicly or perhaps the owner has the intention of marketing it at some stage in the...

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