“We wanted to buy our first property but didn’t have the time to go multiple viewings of a weekend with our young family in tow. We had been to a few viewings, only to find offers had already been made.
We received a recommendation and met with Michael. He quickly put our minds at ease and talked us through the whole process. Michael went above and beyond to get us our first property.
We have already recommended him to friends and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again in the future. He made the whole process seamless with no question too small.”

Simon & Michelle, Manly Vale

"Initially, we were apprehensive about the financial outlay of a Buyer’s Agent, particularly as our budget was deemed "entry level" in the Northern Beaches market. We were also worried about whether an agent would really understand our vision when it came to our lifestyle change.
We had tried our own approach for a month, and as the pressure was mounting and the more we understood the Beaches market, the bigger the benefit we thought utilising a Buyer's Agent would allow. We also knew Michael through local business connections, and we trusted him from the get go as he viewed our purchasing more holistically than just buying a house.
Michael went above and beyond to understand what was important to us from a lifestyle point of view, rather than just focus on properties. Michael explained every step of the process clearly, and helped us to understand how a small investment in his services could allow for a greater gain in lifestyle, property and generally financially. Michael was transparent about the market, our budget and his strategy was excellent when it came to a heating up market.
Michael's local knowledge, combined with his rapport with sales agents and industry professionals, allowed us to access a property we never would have been able to and has therefore enabled us to buy a home that was beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.
We were able to purchase the property well below what we were willing to pay for it, but also had every detail explained thoroughly in terms of renovating, potential, pros and cons, comparable sales and traffic considerations.
Michael was always willing to go above and beyond throughout the entire process, and the weekly property updates were great to reflect on a wide variety of comparable properties without the pre-tense of marketing photos and expending time on the internet trawling through real estate sites. Michael was always contactable, and brought a great attitude towards achieving a very pressured goal and purchasing a place within two weeks.
We would definitely, and have already, recommend STRAND Property Group for any level of purchaser, no matter the budget because of Michael's Northern Beaches expertise. We are absolutely astonished at the property we have secured and this is solely due to Michael's work. After months of searching ourselves, Michael came up with our forever home within two weeks and we can never thank him and his team enough."

Trini & Peter, North Narrabeen

"We hadn't worked with a buyer's agent before, and were at times unsure about how they would add value to what was a significant purchase.
First and foremost Michael is someone who has "been there done that". But also upon our first meeting he came across as someone who takes a holistic approach towards a property purchase. There was no hard sell or "spins". Instead facts & numbers, and risks & returns were all laid down on the table to allow us to make an informed decision.
Like many people we were very busy and pre-occupied with work and family, and having someone working alongside us who's got the experience, connections and above all - the time that we didn't have meant we could still carry out our property plan whilst saving our best time and energy for the most important investment - our children!
We would recommend Michael to anyone who is preparing to get serious about managing their financial future in a measured and prudent approach, or someone with the need to acquire a property but is lacking in time or experience."

Karna, Sydney

“I met with three or four buyer’s agents before choosing Michael from STRAND as the person who was going to walk me through buying my first home. I wanted to work with someone who was not ‘salesy’, who would listen to my needs rather than try to fast track any decisions and who could give me unbiased advice. It helped that Michael was also an architect! From start to finish he was reassuring, transparent, patient and determined to get me the best deal. I think he was almost as delighted as I was when we exchanged contracts on my new apartment. All in all, a great experience and one I would happily repeat.”

Debra, Sydney

"We had been considering an investment property for a number of years but never had the time to do much about it. Michael helped us formulate our investment strategy and advise on locations, price and future cash flows. He identified a number of properties and once we decided to move forward then Michael managed the whole process for us. He was extremely thorough, negotiated an excellent price pre-auction and subsequent to exchanging contracts he liaised with potential property managers so that we had a tenant in place at settlement date and were earning rental income from day one. We are extremely pleased that we used Michael and would have no hesitation in recommending him to other potential property investors."

Dave & Cat, Sydney

“The speed and diligence that Michael displayed blew away my expectations, especially given that he was able to get on board so quickly over the holiday period. The property report was thorough, clear and concise and gave the confidence to make quick decisions. More importantly, Michael managed to negotiate a fantastic price from a buyers perspective which really highlighted the value of engaging professional buyers agents.

The end to end process was thorough from understanding our goals through to settlement. Michael helped navigate through any challenges from pest and building inspection reports to helping out with a depreciation report. Professional and personable, thoroughly recommended!”

Andy, Sydney

"The service Michael provided to us in facilitating the purchase of an investment property went above and beyond our expectations. It was our first time using a buyer's agent and being very time poor, we felt that Michael helped make the whole process seamless and reduced the administrative burden on us to almost nil. Michael was able to navigate all issues that arose with confidence and expertise and recommend other professionals where it was appropriate. The value Michael brings to his clients far exceeds what he charges. We wouldn't hesitate to go back to Michael again if we needed help in buying another property."

Tom & Giselle, Sydney

"I would like to thank Michael Ossitt and STRAND Property Group for their help and guidance getting me into property investment. Michael has been nothing short of amazing! As a first time investor, I was after a program that would provide education and guidance that was tailored to my financial circumstances rather than a generic one size fits all approach. Michael’s strategy and education program did exactly that. Prior to engaging with Michael, I was a nervous investor, however, I now feel like I have the required knowledge to make educated property investment decisions. Michael’s mentorship has been absolutely invaluable and I wouldn’t have gotten started on my property investment journey if I hadn’t engaged him. I cannot recommend Michael and STRAND highly enough."

Elija, Sydney

"Michael provides sound and sensible advice. His approach is holistic and his plan is comprehensive. We look forward to realising our financial plan with Michael's assistance!"

Hong, Sydney

"We’re extremely happy with the service that Michael provided us. Every property he shortlisted for us matched our specifications perfectly and the property he ended up purchasing for us he managed to negotiate an excellent price on, giving us instant equity that more than covered the cost of the service. Even with an 11-hour time zone difference, Michael was always available and never left us waiting for answers to our questions. He explained everything clearly and handled every aspect of the process for us so that we didn’t have to worry about a thing. To top it off, Michael was friendly, a real pleasure to deal with and the service he provided exceeded our expectations. We’ll definitely be using Michael’s services again and have no hesitation recommending him to others."

Zac, London

"We bought a well-located property via Michael and had a good experience. We are pleased with Michael’s management of the end-to-end process; his thoroughness and professionalism particularly helpful given we live abroad. We settled on the property without having seen it, because Michael demonstrated that we can trust him. Since our settlement, I’ve already recommended him to two friends, which speaks for itself. Well done Michael and keep up the good work!"

Nancy, Hong Kong

"Michael has been great to deal with throughout our entire buying process and we could not be happier with the service he provided. He routinely went above and beyond during all stages of the transaction to make it as simple and straightforward for us as possible. We decided to use a buyers agent to assist us as we were buying the property from overseas, however after this experience we would look to work with Michael again for our next property even if we are back in Australia."

Taryn, London

"Michael managed the whole process for me, from the necessary steps such as strata and pest reports, right through to the last minute issues that always result when coming up to settlement. Whether you need help in finding the right property or to managing the purchasing process for you, I couldn't recommend Michael highly enough"

Becky, Sydney

"I was working in Hong Kong for multiple years. I had always kept an eye on the property market in Sydney. I had my parents help with some inspections and open houses. But I found it was very difficult to make a purchase even with my parents' help. That's when I decided to hire a buyer's agent. This is when we started working with Michael. Michael from the start helped formulate a plan of attack. Which areas to focus on and how we should approach buying. He found suitable places, viewed them and gave us complete descriptions with pros and cons for each property. His experience in construction helped us understand the risks of certain properties and also how important building and pest reports were. I found his work to be very meticulous. He always responded to our questions and concerns promptly and thoroughly. His knowledge of the buying process from start to end was very extensive, He understood the market and had a great sense of urgency when it was required. He helped us buy a great property prior to auction at a price we were very happy with. I'm happy to say as an investor we've been able to rent out our property immediately at a rate in line with Michael's estimates. What we also appreciated is his proactivity in planning the next step and in giving us extra insights and tips.
Michael invested time to look at properties with us and listened to our feedback. He also advised us against the wrong investments based on his experience in the Sydney market. He never pushed a property for a higher price than we had agreed upon. I would definitely recommend Michael for anyone looking for a property buyer."

Charles, Hong Kong

“Michael answered all our questions and guided us through the entire process. Michael educated us around his proposed strategy for us, which was based upon extensive knowledge and research. We really appreciated Michael's support in buying our first investment property, and would recommend him highly.”

Sonia, Sydney

"Michael is very professional in his business dealings and helped us save thousands of dollars off the purchase price. Once we settled and had tenants move in, we were so happy and had Michael to thank for it. When we purchase our 2nd investment property, we will certainly use your help again!"

Sachin, Sydney

"Being relatively well organised people, we thought we would be able to find properties and inspect and negotiate on properties ourselves. We questioned how much value a buyers agent could really add if we were already getting alerts on the home buying apps. This was before we met you and understood the true value of having you on the case for us.

We quickly realized that Michael and Fiona would provide real value. Going to a few open homes and seeing properties sell almost immediately for prices outside our budget meant that we were really worried we wouldn’t be able to pull off the big move. Michael was calm and methodical and really listened to what we wanted. It felt so good being able to leave it all up to them, and they seemed positive that we would find something.
We have been able to secure our ‘unicorn’ property, perfect for us and right in the location we had been dreaming of. This was possible only because of the work that you did for us - finding a property that was off market, assessing it so diligently so that we knew that it was worth our time to inspect, and then all the negotiations so that we could purchase within our price range. It would have been literally impossible without your work.

We would recommend Michael and his team to anyone looking to buy a property on the Northern Beaches, and we have already referred you to our parents for a start! You really know the area well and have all the relationships with the agents that are so valuable. The area is really popular and there’s no way to stand out amongst hundreds of other people inspecting properties. It’s really intimidating, so knowing that we could trust you to find the properties and then provide such detailed reports was a huge benefit. We were so busy with other parts of our lives, there’s no way that we would have had time to take the kids to inspections."

Tony & Alex, Balgowlah Heights

"Working with Michael from STRAND Property Group was an absolute pleasure. He took the time to understand our needs and in the face of a heated Northern Beaches market, looking for an entry level family home with an entry level budget, he came through with a winner! Before meeting Michael we had heard about his wealth of real estate knowledge. After working with him we have learned that not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about the market and industry players, but he is also an endless source of ideas to maximise the potential of your property. He leaves no stone unturned, is thorough, measured and responsive and always operates with your best interests at heart. We will sing Michael's praises to whoever will listen!"

Kate & Len, Beacon Hill

“Having spent over 12 months trying to find out first home, we were feeling lost as to how we would secure our first place. Ellie’s sister had previously had a fantastic experience with Michael (Trini & Peter) and hence as soon as it was feasible we engaged him to assist with our search. Whilst most people I’ve spoken to have always spruiked the value of a buyer’s agent, that notion could not be more true in the current market.

Even with such high hopes, Michael and Fiona exceeded them. From our first meeting, they took the time to understand exactly what we wanted for our first home – we were in no rush to move given we had a rolling lease arrangement and hence may have been more “picky” than other clients. In no way did this deter Michael and Fiona, they continued to visit properties every week, providing detailed feedback on the market, pros, cons and pricing and only recommending we inspect those that met our requirements. The interactive spreadsheet enabled us to analyse all similar properties viewed and eventual sales in the area such that we continuously had a pulse on the market throughout the process.

As a first home buyer one of the biggest issues we faced (especially in the first 12 months) was whether the property we were interested in was appropriately priced. Our biggest fear was over-paying for what we wanted.

In the end, Michael and Fiona secured us an off-market opportunity that delivered exactly what we wanted and for a fantastic price (without the use of a Buyer’s agent we wouldn’t have even heard of this opportunity). Whilst the financial benefits are tangible, as a professional couple looking to buy their first home, the peace of mind was just as valuable. We understood exactly what we were buying, the pros and cons and the value being obtained. Even after securing the purchase, Michael and Fiona have been available to provide advice on value-add opportunities including a variety of suppliers and have gone over and above to help us move into our first home.

I would recommend STRAND Property Group to anyone considering buying a home, especially in the current market. The overall pricing is extremely competitive and the structure means that the initial outlay is low. In the end the pricing became irrelevant, the quality of service and the manner in which they secured our first home will forever be invaluable to us. We can’t wait to use your services again when the time comes and in the meantime will be recommending you to all of our friends and family!”

Ellie & Tom, Manly Vale

"Michael from STRAND Property Group played an invaluable role in our property search. In Michael, we found a support and partner in our search who was always available, always professional and who above all else, always trusted.

Michael provided firm and fair feedback when he felt properties weren’t up to scratch, encouraged us to reconsider on properties that we initially looked past, and at times, pushed us to keep on going when buyers fatigue set in. His architectural background was hugely helpful in seeing potential in homes, and his attention to detail at inspections gave us a huge amount of confidence. The result, after a 6 month search, was a property which we genuinely couldn’t be happier with.

We would recommend Michael and STRAND Property Group to anyone who is considering buying on the Northern Beaches. This was our first home which we believe could very well be our last, and we wouldn’t be sitting here without Michael by our side on the journey."

Alec & Nicki, Cromer

"Engaging a buyers agent was essential for me, even for a 1 bedroom apartment as I am time poor & don’t enjoy having to deal with numerous real estate agents. A lot of my family & friends thought I was crazy investing in their expertise as it seems like a large investment but the honest truth is, the value you can actually save by utilising them is beyond what you spend. Plus they save you an immense amount of time, you get to view off market properties before the masses and you may even have the chance to negotiate on a place prior to being released on the market like it did! This ended up being my advantage in my purchase as I could do all my due diligence & be in a strong position for negotiation.

Michael and Anthony are efficient, amazing communicators and I always felt that they had my back as I have never done anything like this before. Even after negotiations they have been available for me to ask questions and have given a lot of valuable knowledge of what to do to prepare for moving.

I would recommend to anyone who sees the true value in professional expertise - their knowledge is invaluable & they handle negotiations so you have peace of mind. I was fortunate to have found my dream apartment within 3 months of engaging which surprised even me! Can’t thank you enough!"

Mina, Manly Vale

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